Areas of Practice


Areas of Practice



We are here to help you achieve peace of mind by advising you of the options that fit your specific and particular needs and circumstances. We will give you all of the necessary instruments in order to provide security for your family's financial future. By preparing ahead of time we can help you and your family with asset protection and avoid unnecessary expenses and hassle. We can provide you with the documents that best serve your needs, such as a power of attorney, health care power of attorney, will, and trust. We also provide services with probate administration.



We provide a wide variety of residential and commercial real estate services. We can assist you with buying or selling your home, refinancing your home, equity lines of credit, negotiating and drafting agreements, and various title transactions. Whether you are an individual closing on a home, a business looking to lease its property, or a team of investors building a multi-million dollar development, we can help.  We always enjoy the opportunity to assist you, whether you are an individual, family or an investor as you move forward with making your dreams reality.



We can assist you whether you are starting, buying, or selling a business. We are here to fit the needs of our clients. If you are starting a business we can help you file the necessary paperwork to ensure your business is set up properly. We can help you find the best entity to fit your needs in order to protect your personal assets from liability. We can assist in negotiating business transactions such as buy/sell agreements, asset and stock purchases, shareholder agreements, and various other services.



If you are looking to develop your next teaming arrangement, government contract, NDA, or you are just looking to ensure small business regulatory compliance, we can help you. We have a track record of helping companies gain ground where they never thought possible in the area of government contracts. We enjoy the opportunity to help our clients legally and effectively pursue opportunities.